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Transmission Audit

In TXN audit installation quality is checked. Site quality audit is carried out to check the quality of installed equipment to make sure that all equipments are installed in right way.
TSC TXN audit services include inspection of following:

  • Longitude
  • Ground, Antenna height along with type, tilt etc
  • RF coax cable connections, Cable return loss
  • Sector orientations
  • Transmission, power cables
  • Hot alarms
  • Antenna sweeps
  • Testing of grounding

Site quality audit installation is carried out to check the quality of installation equipment workmanship on site to make sure that all equipments installed in right way and without any major or minor impact to the environment and the equipments themselves.

Most transmission audit includes inspections of path loss, received power, group-to-group interference. The audits can also be used to determine general site conditions, such as physical conditions of towers, tower lighting operation, soundness of grounding system, intrusion alarm operation, and emergency power system test.
The audit data collection identifies:

  • Site coordinates
  • Site ground level above mean sea level
  • Tower height, antenna heights on tower
  • Pointing azimuth of each antenna
  • Transmission line types and lengths
  • Transmitter and receiver nomenclatures
  • Number of standby transmitters and receivers
  • Tuned frequencies of all operating equipment
  • Transmitter power outputs and Received input levels
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