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Civil & Infrastructure Audit

In Civil and Infrastructure Audit on site and off site inspection of Greenfield and roof top site is involved. We perform environmental assessment, design verification and physical site inspection for both Operator and sharing site. We also perform site audit of the BTS site infrastructure according to site drawings including Layout verification, Lease Agreement and ownership verification. Quality tests are performed to evaluate the site such as:

  • Non destructive testing to check quality of concrete
  • Tower tightening
  • Galvanizing and Paint thickness
  • Grounding test and DG Sound level check.
  • Electrical wiring is checked according to standard design installations.

Civil Audit includes:

  • Audit of Greenfield and Roof top towers.
  • Foundation design and tower design verification.
  • Building stability analysis for roof top site and check for additional loading.
  • Evaluation of site for sharing purpose by analysis of loading capacity and space availability.
  • Tower strengthening measures if tower is capable to bear extra load as more than that of design.
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