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Base Station Subsystem (BSS) Audit

In BSS audit, we check for BOQ (Bill of Quality verification) and quality of installation. BOQ’s will be required to verify all the equipment installed:-

  • BTS Antenna and Feeder cable Installation is also included in it in which mainly Antenna, its make, type, height and azimuth or boom orientation are checked to be according to the Company recommendations and design plan along with other minor details of Feeders, cables and connections.
  • BTS Visual Installation check is performed in which all materials and equipment of approved type, Surge Protectors, BTS Cabinets, Data cards, Batteries, Rectifiers, BTS Racks, Transceivers, Data & alarm cabling, DC & ground cables, DC & ground cables along with all external connections are checked.
  • BTS Cabinet Checks are performed.
  • Hardware and software alarms are checked.
  • Physical capacity of the site will be verified by checking the transceiver cards and calculating the supported capacity of the installed cards.
  • The antenna height along with type, tilt etc.
  • RF coax cable connections, Cable return loss.
  • Sector orientations.
  • Testing of grounding field strength, percent service availability, base-to-mobile and mobile-to-base signal levels.
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