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Telecom Audit

TSC performs end-to-end network audit to evaluate and optimize the performance of network. The audit process addresses technical evaluation as well as identification of KPI’s, BoQ’s, Quality of work for on site installed equipment i.e. Radio, Transmission, BSS and Civil works. The result of audit is extensive reporting as per agreement with client. TSC can provide suggestions and recommendations to improve network quality based on their expert judgment if required. We always ensure minimum capital expenditure to overcome the suggestions and recommendations provided by us after conducting Audit services.
The objectives of the Audit are:

  • Identify problem areas including poor coverage, dropped calls, call interference, inadequate signal strength, quality of service, congestion and speech quality etc depending on the Audit and requirements 
  • Provide comprehensive reports including physical test results, verification of network operation, call performance statistics, identification of weak areas, proposals for corrective actions and recommend solutions depending on scope of Audit and other service requirements.
  • Civil & Infrastructure Audit to perform environmental assessment, design verification and physical site inspection for both stand alone and sharing sites.
  • BSS audit to verify bill of quality
  • TXN audit to check for BOQ, installation quality and link budgeting
  • RF audit to check coverage, capacity, quality of service and network optimization
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