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Telecom Consulting

TSC experienced consultants with wide range of industry experience offers Real Business value and innovative consulting services in business, telecom and network domain. The wealth of experience acquired by our consultants over many years in the industry simplifies finding the solution to problem by using our own in-house resources.

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Services
    TSC offer complete RF services

    • RF planning and design
      In RF planning phase a technical site survey (TSS) is conducted. TSS includes best suitable location, check blocking, overshoot of signal, max population serving, max coverage, line of sight (LOS) survey ( balloon method, mirror flash method and micro antenna heights for the media clearance), determining antenna design for optimum coverage, site configuration study, coverage, interference prediction, frequency planning, neighboring and parameters planning.
      Our RF design services include:
      • Site survey of search areas, selection of suitable site and evaluation.
      • Detailed RF site design including site configuration
      • Site parameter settings
      • Frequency planning
      • Continuing post- launch optimization to ensure optimum level performance level

    • RF Drive Testing
      TSC team of specialists performs different type of drive tests like: new site in existing network, new swap site and benchmarking test for comparing different operator’s network performance and same network for check cluster wise different types of key performance indicators (KPI) like voice test (receiving level, receiving quality, call interference, speech quality index, call setup success rate, handover rate, call setup time, call drop rate, coverage of service area etc).
    • RF Optimization
      Our RF optimization services include:
      • Daily KPI monitoring for the verification of network availability, capacity enhancement, and quality improvements.
      • Troubleshooting handover failures, dropped call (TCH drop and SDCCH drop, Ping Pong, hand over, blocked call, Poor GPRS/EDGE performance)
      • The complete solution eliminates the need for different tools, reducing cost and saving time for operational staff.
      • Study of network performances, drive tests and customer feedback.
      • Post-processing and analysis of the performance data to bench mark the network performance against the set quality of service targets and identify eventual problems.
      • In close coordination with the customer, implementing the proposed action plan.
      • Performance verification to ensure that the optimization process has resulted in network performance improvements such that it meets the set quality of service targets.

    The benefits of our RF optimization service are:

    • Increased revenues and reduced costs.
    • Network quality resulting in high speed quality index.
    • Satisfied customers in low churn.
    • Efficient network utilization resulting in reduced investment costs.
    • RF Benchmarking
      We conduct comparative drive tests to benchmark client’s network against other operators to give them competitive position in market. We provide graphical comparison indicating clients, coverage, QoS and KPI’s. We provide recommendations for improvement in their existing network.

  • Transmission Services

    • Network Planning
      TSC carries out network planning and design for coverage, capacity, frequency and interference planning and calculation activities.

      • LOS Survey
        LOS work consists of obtaining an optical view from point A to point B. LOS survey and transmission links are checked for full capacity use in accordance with the network and services required. Our Engineers do LOS survey in order to estimate the minimum clearance height for transmission between the sites. The survey includes various tests like

        • Balloon method
        • Mirror flash method
        • Micro antenna heights for the media clearance

        The following are the equipments used by our surveyors to complete the process successfully:

        • GPS
        • Binoculars
        • Altimeter
        • Compass
        • Digital Camera
        • Topographic maps

      • Frequency Planning & Interference Analysis
        We do frequency planning in order to achieve maximum utilization of available frequencies in the network, and ensure that frequency channels are utilized in such a way that capacity and coverage criteria’s are met without any interference. Interference analysis is done to analyze interference between links in order to determine interfering signals.

      • Link Budgeting & Integration
        We perform link budgeting in order to dimension the required coverage, capacity and quality of service requirement in the network and its outcome in the form of maximum allowed path loss.

    • Implementation
      We provide end-to-end suite of installation services that meet the requirements of any network deployment. With access to skilled man power, utilization of planning tools and with the help of proven processes we are capable of meeting committed timelines with our customers. In commissioning services we make sure that the required performance is obtained and quality of work is as per agreed format required by the client.

    • Operational & Maintenance Services (O&M)
      TSC is cable of providing highest possible level of operational and maintenance services based on requirements:

      • Technical Support Services
        The Technical Support Services is based on following escalation level of support services:

      • Technical Support Service (SLM/TLM)

        • First Line Maintenance (FLM) Services
        • Second Line Maintenance (SLM) Services

      • Third Line Maintenance (TLM) Services
      • Hot Line & Help Desk for Microwave System
      • Maintenance & Recovery of system
      • Equipment Repair & Return Service
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