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Network Consultancy

We offer wide range of Network consulting services to suit our client’s business requirements. We can provide services on all domains of wireless and wired networking technologies including Vendor selection, Planning, Design, Implementation etc.

  • Vendor Selection
    TSC can provide assistance to service providers in vendor selection who can potentially satisfy a high proportion of customer requirements, suits their business needs, bring value, quality and reliability to their business. We can also help companies by reducing their cost of Vendor selection by selecting appropriate vendors to provide complete solution based on customer business model. We are capable of providing assistance in RFP development, vendor evaluation, and contract negotiations.
  • Network Planning
    Careful network planning is critical to ensure that network achieves and maintains superior performance. TSC can help in all the preliminaries of network planning for optimal coverage, capacity, and quality.
    The initial planning phase takes its offset in the business plan and clarifies the objectives and requirements for the network to be provided. In this phase we can assist in technology evaluations, tendering, vendor selection, budgeting, implementing process setup and organization setup. Our consultants can also help to define KPI’s, work out monitoring KPI’s from network management systems and reporting them at various levels of detail so that all the required information is available to operate network efficiently.
  • Network Design
    TSC offers complete network designing, re-designing and review services for its customer’s network infrastructure. Our expertise enables us to develop an effective and scalable solution to meet business objectives by ensuring quality and performance of network.
    Be it a single vendor based or a multi-vendor based network, we have the expertise.
    Our experts can provide network architecture, design, engineering, implementation or system integration services to support data, voice and multiple services. We can also provide services to companies requiring existing systems analysis for more efficient, cost-effective solution or new systems designed and implementation. TSC works closely with service providers to understand their requirements and define a solution that meets budget, optimum network performance, reduces system complexity and simplifies network management.
    TSC network consultants have developed quality solutions for many regulated and mission critical environments. With our team of skilled, experienced and committed consultants, we provide variety of services in order to rapidly identify client’s needs and provide solutions based on their requirements. We can prioritize network activities, build business case for necessary improvements, provide suggestion for appropriate measures, monitoring QoS and evaluate the network's capability of handling future growth and expansion.
  • Network Implementation
    TSC network implementation consists of a number of services including survey, installation, integration and O&M. From planning to installation, testing and rollout– TSC can help to ensure smooth implementations, on time delivery and staying with in budget. In Implementation services we ensure to deliver services to our customer as per agreed time frame, with in agreed cost and ensuring the quality of work.
  • Network optimization
    Our network optimization services are based on analyzing key performance indicators in order to achieve maximum output. We can analyze specific isolated problems through extensive testing of the network. Both pre-launch and post-launch optimization is performed where the physical and logical parameters of the network are tuned to get optimum performance as per required KPI’s. Our optimization procedures verifies if the actual service performance and network performance complies with the customer requirements. We also ensure that capacity, coverage and network parameters are maintained and adjusted according to traffic growth, changing services and changing requirements. We perform network optimization in order to increase operational efficiency, revenue maximization, cost minimization, and network performance assessment.
  • Network Maintenance Services
    • Preventive Maintenance
      Our network preventive maintenance service includes:
      • Cleaning of the site, filters or modules as per defined procedures
      • Checking & Inspection of site grounding and maintenance of Earth Box/terminations
      • Inspection and maintenance of Cooling systems, Genset, MW Links, Antenna & Feeder Cable systems
      • Support on all upgrade/expansion activities
      • Recording and reporting, issues/observations about effectiveness of BTS site security measures/system (Security Guards).
      • Monthly drive test benchmarking site KPI’s

    • Corrective maintenance
      Our network preventive maintenance service includes:
      • 24X7 Customer Support Desk for logging of reported alarms & response within defined time frames between Vendor and Operator
      • First line BSS support includes the replacement of faulty modules like radios, digital boards or rectifiers and carrying out all first line procedures to bring site on-air.
      • Handling and clearing of the alarms
      • Clearance of any power related issues, coordination between Generator and Air-Con vendors for clearance of the alarms.
      • Replacement of faulty bulbs/tube lights.
      • Checking and clearing of the alarms on the Transmission links
      • Actions on Issues affecting Network KPI’s
      • Maintaining small warehouse for the replacement of faulty parts
      • Transportation of Faulty parts from Warehouse to affected site.
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