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Remote Network Operations Center (RNOC) will provide a working facility for 24x7 proactive monitoring and management of client network infrastructure and systems

Provide Real time monitoring of network alarms/events and statistics and can be define correlations and schemes in alarms/events or define customized synthetic alarms. and provide customizable dashboard views for system performance management. Build customized workflows for Alarms/Events. and have the features of Network's business View and live status of each Network Element (NE) on Google maps

RNOC-Performance Management Module
RNOC provide the features of Real Time Monitoring of Network Alarms/Events and can measure KPIs of different network elements over time and RNOC generates Alerts on KPI Thresholds

RNOC Maintains all the KPI data in a centralized database and RNOC can customized Reports and graphical Information to Improve Business Services. IN RNOC data can be extracted on real time or scheduled.

RNOC-Map Module:

  • Geographical placing of Network Elements on Map.

  • Customizable Icons to represent Fault Level.

  • highlights areas affected by any sector/site/core element outages.

  • Interactively launching external applications (remote login).

  • shows business view with better visibility of subscriber service impact in case of network outage.

RNOC- Client Access Module (CAM):


  • SmartView is a windows based application running on a simple desktop system.

  • Real-time view of the alarms or events.

  • Flexible options of filtering, sorting of the events and opening different alarm windows.

Web Interface:

  • Flexible in monitoring the network, even on hand held devices without needing to install any application.

  • Provides all the Features of Smart Flexibility to view customized trends based on hours, days, weeks and months.

  • Flexibility to schedule the portlets.

  • Availability of multiple types of graphs and reports.

  • Able to find the alarm/event classification count in specific time period.

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